What’s It Like Working at RHR?

Life here is like a kaleidoscope - colourful and prone to rapid change. Our weekly polaroid pieces will give you some insight to the variety and dynamism of our world. It’s a great place to work!

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Let's Eat Grandma!

We do a lot of writing in the course of an average day and getting grammar right is essential. You can’t rely on a spellchecker or Grammarly to get your content right. You have to have a good grasp of English to do the job properly. Read more...

Russell HR Writing Skills Training

The Whooshy Tap

At RHR we are serious tea drinkers and when we moved to Clare Stables we installed some very stylish pieces of technology. One of those is the boiling water tap, aka the “whooshy tap”. Because it whooshes when it’s working. Obviously....... keep up. Read more...

The Whooshy Tap

Opportunities with Russell HR Consulting

HR Administrator/Trainee HR Consultant

We are looking for a trainee from a business background, ideally with a business, law or psychology degree. You have to be bright, prepared to work hard and learn fast in a dynamic environment with an exceptional team. We’ll provide you with a full training, a lot of fun and a great career.

The role will be based in our Stony Stratford office. Download the pack for more information.

Download our Tips for Job Seekers, September 2017, "How to Transition Successfully from College to Company"

How the HR Headmistress Got Her Name

RHR’s Managing Director Kate Russell has been dubbed The HR Headmistress. You might be wondering why. Read more...

How The HR Headmistress Got Her Name

Mistakes are Great!

Making mistakes can be very stressful. Just the fear of making mistakes can be very stressful. But RHR thinks it’s good to make mistakes (so long as you’re not making them out of stupidity and laziness). RHR Managing Director Kate Russell explains. Read more...

Mistakes Are Great

Stony People

Russell HR Consulting is based in Stony Stratford. We love being here, partly because it’s beautiful, our office is 30 seconds off the High Street, there is a post office, a range of shops, coffee shops, pubs and restaurants. We also have free parking. Read more...

Stony Stratford High Street