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Since we signed up for the Russell HR Consulting retained service, our HR lives became so much easier! The Russell HR team are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They are also proactive and call me to check how things are going or remind me of things to be done. This has meant that problems are, by and large, nipped firmly in the bud. If I need them to come and provide HR support on site, they do. Watching Kate and her team at work is very impressive. It’s taught us a lot about the tactics of dealing with problems and providing support to employees who have genuine difficulties.

David White, Managing Director, Business Services Design Ltd

HR Support for Contract Cleaning Companies

Russell HR Consulting has been providing HR support to contract cleaners since 2009. In that time we’ve handled many a TUPE transfer, dealt with grossly overweight cleaners with dodgy knees, disappearing cleaners, sleeping on the job (when they’re not meant to!), breaking up fights, as well as handling third party objections. It’s never dull.

  Angus McFadzean the CEO of Industrial Site Maintenance, the UK’s market leader in providing high quality facility services, chooses to work with us for the following reasons.
  ISM engaged Russell HR Consulting to support HR over six years ago. They provide comprehensive support services to our area managers throughout the UK. Engaging with an outside HR provider was designed to be a short term solution to support our initial start-up period. The benefits have proved to be incredibly cost efficient as a long term solution as it provides instant access to "uniformed" advice to both our area managers nationwide and to the senior management team based in Northants. The monthly updates have formed the framework of our staff training notes and Kate and her team have delivered on site training to ensure continual personal development for key staff. Ensuring compliance throughout our workforce without Russell HR Consulting would be a very scary place!!!!


We believe in getting to know our clients and their business so we’ve shadowed managers and spent time getting to know the team. While safety boots and hi-vis is not our favourite fashion look, the time we’ve spent on client sites learning how contract cleaners create safe and clean working conditions for clients has been invaluable – and that’s reflected in our advice.

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