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Dignity at Work

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Do you know the difference between “harassment” and “bullying”?

Protection against harassment is covered by statutory legislation. While there is no statutory definition of bullying it has many similarities with harassment. Managers and HR regularly have to manage dignity at work processes?

Bullying and harassment are unacceptable. They can be destructive to the victim and the organisation. This course enables you to explain the legal framework, and helps delegates understand what is meant by bullying and harassment (and what is not) and tackle inappropriate workplace language and behaviour effectively.

Our clients ask:

  • What is meant by harassment and bullying?
  • How do I deal with difficult employees?
  • How do I ensure employment rights for all parties are properly observed?
  • What can go wrong?

This tool kit enables you to take managers and HR professionals who have to deal with complaints of bullying and harassment through the procedural maze and answer these questions and many more.

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