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How to Beat Bedlam in the Boardroom and Boredom in the Bedroom

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A Life Changing Guide to Happiness at Work and at Home

Almost every instance of conflict or dispute at work is the catalyst for, or is mirrored by, conflict at home. In the same way relationships at home have a dramatic impact on our ability to create a productive and harmonious work life.

This book tackles the issues of conflict in all walks of life (work, home, etc) in an eye-opening way, made possible by the author's wide experience as a professional in conflict resolution.

Jane points out that conflicts are inevitable and should even be welcomed as positive indications of our diversity as human beings. With the help of her book, we can learn to use conflict to enlighten and strengthen everyone concerned, to the benefit of the organisation, family unit, or whatever.

This book seeks to highlight that the same skills and tools can be used to manage conflicts and disputes between individuals, groups of people, organisations and even between nations.

  • Understand how and why problems arise
  • Learn skills and techniques to resolve them
  • Enjoy the process!

About the author

Jane Gunn, is a highly sought after mediator and facilitator. She specializes in collaboration, dynamic dialogue and transforming business relationships and has helped open the eyes, hearts and minds of numerous companies to transform and secure the future of their organisation and the commitment and collaboration of their people.

As a trained mediator and facilitator she brings a diverse mix of skills, experience and insight that enable her to get people and groups with different priorities, incentives and ways of doing things, to work together successfully. She has a powerful message supported by practical tools and techniques that applies to organizations of all sizes across all sectors.

Jane’s skill is in getting people

  • Talking about what matters most – both to them and to their organisation
  • Motivated, energized and committed to what needs to happen next

Her approach is both interactive and fun.