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How to Carry Out a Workplace Investigation

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All HR professionals and managers must be able to carry out workplace investigations.

The weakest link in most organisation’s discipline or grievance procedure is the investigation. The purpose of an investigation is simply to collect the facts.

Our clients ask:

  • What is a workplace investigation?
  • When do I have to carry out an investigation?
  • Who should carry out the investigation?
  • How do I carry out an investigation?
  • What if the problem only emerges months later?
  • What are the employment rights of employees?

While a really rigorous investigation is essential to a well-conducted process, many managers simply skate over the surface and either do not collect the relevant data or fail to take a sufficiently robust approach to data collection. An inadequate investigation can cast the final outcome into doubt.

This tool kit enables you to help delegates understand and apply investigation techniques and increase the depth and quality of your organisation’s investigation process.

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