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How to Get Top Marks in ... Reducing Sickness Absence (E-book)

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How do you avoid the pitfalls of managing sickness absence and ensure you observe employees’ employment rights?

Sickness happens; but there is a distinction to be made between knowing that there will be some sickness and managing unacceptable levels of absence.

  • What is statutory sick pay?
  • How do I carry out a return to work interview?
  • What is a welfare meeting?
  • When is it acceptable to challenge sickness absence?

Absence can be a serious drain on a business, with the direct costs running to billions of pounds a year. It places a burden on colleagues and a failure to manage poor attendance can result in poor morale if the issue is not tackled, with a consequent effect on productivity and profitability.

Responses to absence must be proportionate and any actions you take must always be fair and reasonable. Inappropriate or discriminatory actions can lead to expensive legal settlements.

This book helps you to stay on the right side of sickness legislation. It sets out the legal requirements, helps you plan effectively, provides best practice guidance and some useful hints and tips to make things go more smoothly.

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