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How to Get Top Marks in ... Tackling Workplace Investigations - ebook

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First edition published in 2011
Updated 2014

The employment law relating to workplace investigations makes great demands on employers!

An important skill for managers and HR professionals is the ability to investigate the facts when workplace disputes arise. It is vitally important to collect and consider all the facts before taking any action.

  • What is a workplace investigation?
  • How do I carry out workplace investigations?
  • When should I carry out the fact find?
  • How long does it take?

The fundamental purpose of a discipline or grievance investigation is to collect the facts. But while a really rigorous investigation is essential to a well conducted process, many managers simply skate over the surface and either do not collect the relevant data or fail to take a sufficiently robust approach to data collection.

In this book readers will find out about the legal framework and learn how to identify and avoid the risks of unfair dismissal and unlawful discrimination claims during the investigation process. With its case studies checklists and templates, this is the essential handbook for any manager who carries out investigations.

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