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HR Minis - How to Manage Small Scale Redundancy

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This HR Mini has been put together to explain the process which should be followed when the need for making less than 20 employees redundant arises. Please note that the rules are different when making 20 or more employees redundant in any 90 day period at one establishment and you should take separate advice in those circumstances.

Redundancy is now a common part of working life. Both HR professionals and employers will periodically reorganise and shape their organisations to ensure economic robustness, but it’s still important to understand and follow the requirements of the redundancy legislation. In some cases a redundancy process is very straightforward. In others, you will have to use a redundancy selection pool to determine who will be finally placed at risk of redundancy.

Redundancies involving fewer than 20 employees don’t trigger the statutory redundancy consultation provisions, but whether a large business or an SME, even with small scale redundancies you still have to consult in a timely and meaningful manner with those affected and follow a fair process in a fair manner.

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