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Recorded live webinar: Contracts of Employment Webinar – November 2016

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Recorded live webinar: Contracts of Employment – November 2016 The contract of employment is a foundation of the workplace arrangements. It is not only vitally important to have robust up-to-date terms from a management point of view; it is also a legal requirement. A failure to issue terms to an employee starting with a new employer within eight weeks is a breach of the law and you could face a claim for compensation. The contract sets out key standards for both employer and employee.

Recorded in November 2016, this webinar covers the key aspects of contracts of employment and includes the following:

  • What is a contract of employment? • What documents for part of the contract?
  • What do you have to include (and what is it wise to include or exclude)?
  • Terms of employment
  • Variation of contract

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