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Recorded live webinar: Dealing with grievances – May 2017

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There is a legal right to raise a grievance and they come in all sorts of guises. Regrettably, there are a small but significant number of nuisance grievances and you can waste an awful lot of time dealing with them. This webinar provides an insight into dealing effectively with grievances using both informal and formal techniques.

Grievances aren’t always easy to deal with. Recorded in May 2017, this webinar covers the key aspects of how to deal with grievances and includes the following:

  • What is a grievance
  • Dealing with grievances informally
  • The formal process
  • Grievance outcome – communicating the outcome of the grievance effectively, including the right of appeal
  • Grievance as whistleblowing
  • Dealing robustly with nuisance grievances or raised in retaliation for discipline discussions

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