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Recorded live webinar: How to Recruit Effectively

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People are vital to the success of any organisation. It has been shown repeatedly that poor recruitment practices result in high labour turnover and absenteeism, with a consequent increase in costs. If the right people are recruited in the first place, they are likely to stay, fit into your organisation and work to optimum effect. You need to ensure compliance, good practice and rigorous data collection to ensure you recruit someone who can carry out the role competently.

Recorded in January 2013, these four webinars discuss the key aspects of recruitment and include hints and tips to ensure you’re not caught out by bounty hunters, nor waste your time and money appointing an unsuitable person.

There is no absolute guarantee of success, but all the evidence suggests that a disciplined and systematic approach to the recruitment will achieve better results. Key elements of an effective recruitment process include:

  • Confirming the need for the role and drawing up a person and job specification
  • Identifying the most appropriate search, advertising and selection procedure
  • Planning the recruitment process, interviewers and timescales
  • Requesting information on experience, qualifications and references
  • Making informed decisions based upon careful evaluation of the information gathered.

These webinars will help you to recruit effectively, avoiding the common pitfalls. Delegates are taken through the legal requirements applicable during the recruitment process as well as best practice and some useful hints and tips to help you recruit the right person for the job, saving you time, money and effort.

Session 1

  • Legal framework - 1 - Discrimination

Session 2

  • Legal framework – 2
  • Data Protection Act
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders
  • CRB
  • Eligibility to work in the UK

Session 3

  • Job descriptions and person specifications
  • Advertising
  • Shortlisting

Session 4

  • Interviews
  • Testing
  • After the interview

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  1. These webinars are recorded in Windows Media format and are not compatible with a Mac environment.
  2. You may need additional speakers to hear the recordings if played on a PC.