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Tackling Poor Work Performance

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All HR professionals and managers must be able to identify and manage poor work perforrnance.

Dealing with difficult employees is part and parcel of today’s workplace. Do all of your employees meet all of your reasonable workplace standards nearly all the time? No? You are not alone. Many managers don’t even recognise that there is a problem!

Our clients ask

  • How do I recognise poor work performance?
  • How many times should I raise it informally?
  • What is a performance improvement plan (PIP)?
  • When should I make matters formal?
  • When can the employee have a companion?

Poor work performance is one of the most serious workplace problems, costing businesses millions of pounds every year. This tool kit enables you to help managers identify and tackle under-performance lawfully, fairly and effectively and to reduce the risk of allowing poor performance to take root in the future.

This tool kit enables you to take managers who will manage under-performing employees through the procedural maze and answer these questions and many more.

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