Here at Develop we have responsibility for placing Milton Keynes school students in work experience placements with local employers and Russell HR Consulting recently hosted a student of The Hazeley Academy as Administration Assistant. This gave the student an insight into Human Resources and their duties included preparing presentation packs, reviewing the website and updating links and researching items for Twitter. We very much appreciate Russell HR Consulting’s involvement in providing practical and relevant work experience for our future workforce and look forward to a continuing relationship.

Jennifer Tosh, Supported Placements Officer, Develop

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Offering Sabbaticals

23rd October 2019

Time off from work is a precious benefit and highly valued by employees. Some organisations go a step further and offer extra time off from the working life – a sort of mid-life gap year - and these have come to be known as sabbaticals.


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How to Stimulate Intellectual Curiosity in Yourself and Your Team

16th October 2019

Most children are insatiably curious about their world. When they start talking and sticking their fingers into everything they can, they ask streams of questions about everything and anything. As a child my youngest brother was fished out of...

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Help Your Team Become More Time Affluent

9th October 2019

Despite the perception that people today work longer hours, research suggests that most of us have more discretionary time than ever before. So why is it that we all feel so short of time?

It’s not how much “free time” away from...

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Bug Off!

2nd October 2019

October – season of mellow mists, fruitfulness and flu jabs. I’ve just had mine. It won’t be long before the winter flu bugs are back in full force, so this week there’s a reminder of how to reduce your risk of picking up...

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Winter Blues

25th September 2019

The winter blues have come very early for me this year.

If I get them it’s generally in about February. But the combination of Brexit and parliamentary activities calculated to delay any proper decision, once again casting uncertainty over...

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