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How to Cope With “Secondhand” Stress

16th January 2019

We all know the saying “smile and the world smiles with you”. If you work with people who are cheerful and optimistic, you’re more likely to feel the same. Unfortunately, it’s equally true that if your colleagues are...

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Do You Need More Resources – or to Work More Efficiently?

9th January 2019

In every business there comes a time when if you want to keep growing, you have to recruit more people. But it can be difficult to know when you’ve reached that point.

Complaints about work overload are common. But as a manager, how do you...

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Network to Progress

19th December 2018

My strongest Belbin team type is a Resource Investigator. I have always had a knack for networking and being able to find the right man or woman to help me out.

My father taught me the value of surrounding yourself with the very best people. For...

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Recruitment A Listers

12th December 2018

When I was researching my book on creative recruitment, I came across 'Who' by Geoff Smart and Randy Street and I really liked it. The book sets out their method for choosing A listers.

A lister recruitment

We all want and need A listers in our teams...

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Six Steps to Successful Flexible Working

5th December 2018

Not all job roles can be flexible. Some have to be in the office or the factory, or wherever the place of work is. But many can be.

What do employees want and how should they adapt?

Think of work as an activity, not a specific location and choose...

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