Kate’s approach is that positive and proactive attitudes by management will often turn a chronic absentee into one that can contribute at higher levels and for longer – in my experience some employees don’t begin to understand the link between their own attendance and overall team performance until they hear what the headmistress has to say.

Steve Williamson, Group HR Manager, Somerston Hotels Ltd

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Some Other Substantial Reason - Potentially a Fair Reason for Dismissal

26th July 2011

One of the potentially fair reasons for dismissal is ‘some other substantial reason’ (SOSR). SOSR requires an employer to show that the substantial reason for dismissal was potentially fair and reasonable in the circumstances.


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Employment Tribunals: Counter Claims

20th July 2011

It is possible for an employer to submit a counter claim for breach of contract against an employee who has already submitted a breach of contract claim if they have suffered a loss through the employee’s failure to observe the terms of...

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How Do I Prepare For An Employment Tribunal?

8th July 2011

Employers these days all face the very real prospect of tribunal claims. Although employment tribunals were originally supposed to be quick, cheap and informal, they have evolved into almost the complete opposite.

Most claims are settled or...

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Employment Law Update – Unfair Dismissal and SOSR

6th July 2011

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has found that a dismissal for refusing to agree to a pay cut was fair. The employer, Garside and Laycock Ltd had to cut costs and increase their profit margins.

It asked its workforce to accept a 5% reduction in...

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Dismissal for SOSR – Difficult Personalities

28th June 2011

What do you do when an employee hasn’t actually done anything wrong, his (or her) work is competent, but they are so difficult that you can’t just ignore it? The answer is that if all else fails, you may be able to dismiss for some...

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