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Bl**dy brilliant! Simple, concise and operational. It’s about time someone brought some commonsense to this area of business!

Andy Williamson, Director, Iko Plc

The HR Headmistress' blog

What Have Employment Law and Trouser Trouble Got in Common? Read on......

25th November 2009

I have always thought that I’m a Celebrity ...... Get Me Out of Here! is yet another televisual example of throwing Christians to the lions, except in this case, the lions would probably get galloping indigestion.

Listening to Chris Evans...

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Wed 25th Nov 2009 | Tagged as: loading...

GB = Generous Britain

20th November 2009

On your work today were you accosted by someone in a silly costume and carrying a bucket?  Has anyone asked you to sponsor them to have their head shaved, legs waxed, or sit in a bath of something gooey?

Are the neighbours’ children...

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Fri 20th Nov 2009 | Tagged as: loading...

Army Veteran Discovers the Hazards of Selling Poppies – Political Correctness Strikes Again!

9th November 2009

While health and safety at work is incredibly important, Russell HR Consulting advocates applying the law in a sensible and proportionate way. Unfortunately, a sort of red mist seems to descend over so many people when health and safety is...

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Mon 9th Nov 2009 | Tagged as: loading...

The Larger the Waistline the Smaller the Wallet

6th November 2009

The HR Headmistress finds that fat facts are still on the agenda. Following on from our story about Kate Winslet’s exercise regime and the supersized bus drivers, we read that the BBC has recently reported the results of a survey into how...

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Fri 6th Nov 2009 | Tagged as: loading...

Kate Winslet Wins Libel Battle and Stagecoach Drivers Need to Lose Weight

5th November 2009

The HR Headmistress was amused to discover that two subjects as disparate as Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet and some cuddly Stagecoach drivers have cropped up in roughly the same subject bracket this week.

Kate Winslet, star of "Titanic" and...

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Thu 5th Nov 2009 | Tagged as: loading...

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