Kate & her colleagues have provided HR support on a range of matters over the last few years. The sort of things I’ve asked for help with include dealing with poor performance, stress, apprentices, sickness, the sad death of an employee and an outbreak of strong political views in the workplace. Whatever I’ve asked for help Kate has always advised me quickly, giving me options and explaining why they are recommending the route they have. She and her team make sure that I understand the advice so I can apply it properly. They take a genuine interest in my business, and are so sensible and practical. Kate’s built a great team that don’t just give flip answers - they really think about the right solutions for us. I wish more businesses gave such good service. Kate and co are a real pleasure to work with.

Rex Nye, Managing Director, DW Nye

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Green Campaigner Protected by Religious Belief Legislation

4th November 2009

Earlier this year, the HR Headmistress reported on the unusual case of Tim Nicholson who complained that that his philosophical beliefs had put him at odds with senior executives at his former employer Grainger plc, the UK's largest listed...

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Wayne Rooney and His Paternity Rights

3rd November 2009

The HR Headmistress is not well versed in the ways of football, so it came a something of a surprise to hear yesterday that Wayne and Coleen Rooney were celebrated the birth of their newborn son, Kai Wayne Rooney.

Kai was born at Liverpool...

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What Have X-Factor Judge Simon Cowell and Henry VIII got in Common?

2nd November 2009

They have both been named as inspirational leaders in a poll by the Prince’s Trust. I do find them to be slightly strange choices............ while the X-Factor is (in the opinion of the HR Headmistress) the equivalent of throwing modern...

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Discrimination by Association

30th October 2009

Today the Employment Appeal Tribunal gave another important and far reaching judgment in the long running case of Attridge Law v Coleman.

In 2007 Sharon Coleman took her employer, Attridge Law, to court. Ms Coleman is not herself disabled, but...

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Thoughts on Retirement and David Brent (Created by Ricky Gervais)

29th October 2009

Business Minister Pat McFadden and Minister for Pensions and the Ageing Society Angela Eagle have today issued a joint statement calling for evidence on retirement ages to be submitted by 1st February 2010.

Angela Eagle MP said: "As people live...

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