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Tantric HR - The Yes...YES...YES Moment!

22nd January 2009

Tantric HR is the “Yes...YES...YES!” moment that has you hopping up and down with excitement because you’ve just scored a particularly great deal for a client. We love it when we do that and break out the cake to celebrate.


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Gutridge v Sodexho - A Real Life TUPE Horror Story for Employers?

19th January 2009

The law relating to the transfer of an undertaking (TUPE) is complex and most of us prefer to avoid it. The TUPE legislation has given us all sorts of challenging cases. Gutridge is no exception.

Mrs Gutridge was employed as a cleaner by North...

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The HR Hotshots Grimace For The Camera

1st December 2008

Over the last few months my team has grown rapidly and we now have a great range of HR expertise on board. As well as being able to provide the most practical employment law advice going, we also have specialists in pay and benefits, change...

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