Since we signed up for the Russell HR Consulting retained service, our HR lives became so much easier! The Russell HR team are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They are also proactive and call me to check how things are going or remind me of things to be done. This has meant that problems are, by and large, nipped firmly in the bud. If I need them to come and provide HR support on site, they do. Watching Kate and her team at work is very impressive. It’s taught us a lot about the tactics of dealing with problems and providing support to employees who have genuine difficulties.

David White, Managing Director, Business Services Design Ltd

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How to Work (and Sleep!) in Hot Weather

12th August 2020

Most of us welcome hot weather, but when it's too hot for too long, we need to consider taking steps to look after employees and consequently the well-being of the business.

Employers must provide a working environment that as far as...

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Will You Please Take Notice!!

5th August 2020

Last week I wrote about the effective date of termination. The subject must be playing on my mind, because this week I have again selected a topic connected with the termination date. It was quite unconscious too!

I have been mulling over the...

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Determining the Date of Termination

29th July 2020

At the start of July I chaired a discipline meeting via Zoom. As well as the employee who was answering allegations, his union representative and the investigating officer were also on the call. It was a long meeting and at the end I adjourned to...

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Dealing with Smelly Workers

23rd July 2020

Ah summer … time of sun, sea, strawberries …. And sometimes smelly workers.

During the lockdown many people seemed to let personal hygiene lapse. Several journalists confessed to not washing their hair for several weeks. Yuk. Maybe...

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How to Tackle Difficult Conversations Virtually

15th July 2020

Over the last few months, most of us will have become familiar with holding video meetings, whatever the platform. While they’re much better than nothing, they’re still quite hard work for a variety of reasons.

More recently - over...

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