“We used the meeting room at Clare Stables for a two day management away day. The space is beautiful, quiet and well lit, everything you need to make sure your attentions are focussed on your meeting, added to the great space was the amazing efforts the staff went to ensuring we were looked after throughout the two days.”

Paul Tomlinson - Managing Director, Mirus IT Solutions

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How to Help Your Team Build Good Mental Health

27th November 2019

Employers have a duty of care to employees and must do what is reasonably practicable to reduce the risk of hazards to mental ill health. This includes having initiatives to build positive mental health. How can employers do that?

Positive mental health


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Draw Your Team Together to Create Solutions to Problems

20th November 2019

Solving an issue as a team often involves sitting in a room and talking through the problem to try and develop solutions.

You could try a different approach by asking your team to sketch out their ideas in visual form instead. It seems that...

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The Works Christmas “Do” (and Don’ts!)

13th November 2019

There’s a distinctly un-festive atmosphere this year, but setting aside Brexit, election and economy worries (incidentally if you check the figures you’ll find that the UK economy has grown faster than Germany, France and the eurozone...

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The Only Way is Up

6th November 2019

Being promoted from the shop floor to a management role has its challenges, especially if you must now manage your former peers.

While some people will be genuinely happy for you, and ready to follow you, there may be at least one person who...

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A Gentler Route to Approaching a Poor Performance Conversation

30th October 2019

One of the tasks that many managers dread is telling a team member that they’re under-performing. They don’t want to upset the under-performing team member, other team members and don’t want to be seen as the bad guy. They hate...

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