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Extremely informative and a good pace.

Delegate – Introduction to Employment Law

Seb Barboteau, General Services Manager, Swanbourne House School

The HR Headmistress' blog

How to Speed Up Slow Performers

6th March 2019

One of the issues clients raise most frequently is poorly performing employee. Most managers hate managing problems in the work place and they especially hate having to talk to someone who’s nice and well-meaning, but just doesn’t...

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Wed 6th Mar 2019 | Tagged as: loading...

Simple Belief of Discrimination is Not Enough

27th February 2019

Over the years I have experienced several situations where an employee or applicant for a role has not had the outcome he or she wanted and has suggested that the decision had been based unlawfully on a protected characteristic. The clients in...

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Wed 27th Feb 2019 | Tagged as: loading...

Four Ways to Get More Done

20th February 2019

Exactly which time optimisation strategies will work best for you will vary from person-by-person. But using one or more of these four strategies can save you hours each week.

Start by clarifying your expectations. When you take on a significant...

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Wed 20th Feb 2019 | Tagged as: loading...

Abandon the Tyranny of the “To-do” List

13th February 2019

Helping employees become more productive and more effective is part and parcel of the HR role. One of the common complaints from employers is poor productivity. Many employees just can’t manage their workload effectively. They have a...

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Wed 13th Feb 2019 | Tagged as: loading...

Eugene the Egg Cracks

6th February 2019

Studies suggest that the average millennial spends over two hours a day using their phone. They check it approximately 157 times and18% of social media users can’t go beyond a few hours without checking Facebook, and that two-thirds of...

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Wed 6th Feb 2019 | Tagged as: loading...

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