Kate Russell has helped us with training on Workplace Investigations and Return to Work Interviews. Kate was diligent in checking our needs before the training was delivered, and in checking our needs had been met after. The training itself was an engaging mix of expert knowledge and practical exercises, with plenty of group discussion. Kate was enthusiastic about the subject matter, and her extensive knowledge and experience was both interesting and hugely useful to the group. Feedback from our managers is that they have been able to apply the training directly in the workplace and it has greatly increased their confidence and skill in dealing with unplanned absence. Excellent training, and the in-house deliver made it very cost-effective.

Ben Steeden, Learning and Development Manager, Family Investments

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Obesity, Covid-19 and Business

29th April 2020

There is no doubt at all that obesity, overweight, and associated chronic diseases continue to be major threats to the health of individuals and the greater population. In the last few weeks, we have also learned that those who are overweight are...

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Flexible Working Request – Making a Decision

22nd April 2020

You should consider requests to work flexibly on the basis that you will approve them unless there is a justifiable and evidenced business reason for not doing so. The acceptable reasons for refusal are set out in Employments Rights legislation...

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Supermarket Not Liable for Disgruntled Employee’s Data Breach

15th April 2020

It makes a pleasant change to write about something that is not coronavirus, as well as being a sensible outcome.

Andrew Skelton was an internal auditor at Morrisons. Unknown to them he held a grudge arising from a previous disciplinary issue. He...

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Coronavirus – The Need to Adapt

8th April 2020

Within a few short months the rapid spread and aggressive nature of the coronavirus has changed the world. Survival is uppermost in our minds at present and then we’ll have to try to re-build the economy.

Winston Churchill once said:...

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Furlough Leave More FAQs

2nd April 2020

As time has gone on, there have been more questions. Here are the questions that have been put to me most frequently in the last week

Who will be furloughed?

Have a business rationale for each one and a fair process. You can also ask for...

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