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Many thanks for a great webinar last week, it was just what I needed!

Lisa Roche, IMC Program Director, The Invisible Orthodontist

The HR Headmistress' blog

Tackle the Cold Bugs

20th December 2017

Christmas is just round the corner and it seems that everyone is getting into the festive mood while clutching a fistful of Kleenex and gargling Lemsip down on a regular basis.

With the onset of winter the incidence of coughs, colds and flu...

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Why Employers Should Tackle Sleep Deprivation

13th December 2017

Fatigue compromises safety. It has been identified as a contributory factor to some of the worst disasters in recent times: the Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in Russia, and the grounding of...

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Wed 13th Dec 2017 | Tagged as: loading...

Spotting Opportunities

6th December 2017

It’s frustrating when opportunities are offered but the offeree can’t be bothered to check them out. It’s surprisingly common to see people deny themselves opportunities. In fact, it happened to me this week when I gave a...

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Protected Conversations

29th November 2017

When it comes to sorting out problems with employees, many small businesses don’t like the hanging around that can accompany legal processes. Take redundancies, for example. The law requires a certain amount of consultation, even if only a...

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Wed 29th Nov 2017 | Tagged as: loading...

Professional Discourtesy

22nd November 2017

Professional discourtesy is really irritating. Last week someone I had connected with on LinkedIn (but didn’t know) called me no fewer than four times to “have a chat”. I know from long and bitter experience that these chats are...

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Wed 22nd Nov 2017 | Tagged as: loading...

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