Kate and her team have been the perfect addition to our business that we desperately needed to handle sensitive HR matters. Always responsive, punctual, to the point and gives us the no nonsense advice that we need, having Kate on board means I no longer worry about making the wrong decisions that could have large implications for the business. We have peace of mind that all issues we face are handled properly.

I would recommend Russell HR to anyone looking to add a HR arm to their business, without having the expense of employing someone full time.

Dean Barton, Operations Director, SOL Services Ltd

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Walk it Off!

21st October 2020

When I wrote this my feet were hurting. Quite a lot.

Peter and I had just completed an 18 mile walk. It was meant to be 12 miles, but we took a short cut, which turned out to be quite a long cut. Never mind. The weather was lovely, the...

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Why Do You Need to Listen Better?

14th October 2020

How are your rapport building skills? The relationships that you form with each of your direct reports are central to your ability to fulfil your responsibilities as a manager: A managerial relationship is different to other types of...

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How to Be More Productive using the Same Resources

7th October 2020

As businesses become more successful, they often increase their staff levels to cope with the increasing workload. But before you do that, ask yourself: can we produce more with our existing resources?

It’s all too easy for staff to be busy...

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Are You Bored with 2020?

30th September 2020

I certainly am. Funnily enough, it wasn’t the restrictions we faced early in the year, nor yet the endless zoom calls since then. It’s the fact it’s all grinding on so long, that the government response has been confused and...

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Calming Ourselves for What Lies Ahead

23rd September 2020

This year our daily habits and routines have been completely topsy turvey. As the autumn approaches and Covid cases are on the rise, we know we face more risk and more restrictions. The next six months will prove testing and we’re left...

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