Kate and her team have been the perfect addition to our business that we desperately needed to handle sensitive HR matters. Always responsive, punctual, to the point and gives us the no nonsense advice that we need, having Kate on board means I no longer worry about making the wrong decisions that could have large implications for the business. We have peace of mind that all issues we face are handled properly.

I would recommend Russell HR to anyone looking to add a HR arm to their business, without having the expense of employing someone full time.

Dean Barton, Operations Director, SOL Services Ltd

The HR Headmistress' blog

How to Beef up your Business Writing

12th February 2020

Whatever you write at work says a lot about you and your business.

The National Literacy Trust estimates that 5.1 million adults in England are functionally illiterate, meaning that they have a reading age of 11 or below. Quite often even...

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Problems, Not Complaints

5th February 2020

The “don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions” approach to management can cause employees to feel anxious, breed a culture of intimidation, and prevent some problems from surfacing until they’re full-blown crises.


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Keeping the Team Motivated Through the Depths of Winter

29th January 2020

January and February are horrible months. The excitement of Christmas is over. Bills are still looming. The days are dark, cold and or wet. For some people the greyness means that seasonal effective disorder threatens. It feels as if life becomes...

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How to Reduce the Spread Colds and Flu

22nd January 2020

A new flu virus is in the news again this week, with the unwelcome possibility that it can mutate and spread.

At its worst we know that flu is life threatening. Far more commonly, the sufferer only feels vile for a week or so and then recovers.


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How to Avoid Blue Monday Blues

15th January 2020

Blue Monday is looming again. It is apparently the most depressing day of the year. What a ridiculous idea. I really can’t be doing with it. There is no science behind the idea of Blue Monday, and it is entirely normal to feel a bit down...

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