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Are You Looking for Mr Right*?

21st August 2019

The lack of good people hinders business growth, so a good strategy at an early stage can help you.

One of my clients uses skilled machine handlers. They’re not only core to the business, they are incredibly difficult to find and there have...

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Recruitment A Listers

12th December 2018

When I was researching my book on creative recruitment, I came across 'Who' by Geoff Smart and Randy Street and I really liked it. The book sets out their method for choosing A listers.

A lister recruitment

We all want and need A listers in our teams...

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What Do You Look For in Your Recruits?

6th June 2018

What manager doesn’t dream of finding great employees, building a great team, having minimal employment issues and increasing productivity and generally having a wonderfully smooth work life?

Pie in the sky? No, not entirely.

Employees are...

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Creative Recruitment

14th February 2018

If you want HR happiness just recruit the right people. Simple when you say it quickly. But if you’ve done any recruitment recently you’ll know how hard it is to find great candidates.

In a very noisy age, your job adverts need to...

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Are You Plugging the Benefits of Working in an SME?

13th September 2017

Most people want to work in a large business (in most cases simply because they have heard of the company) so if you’re an SME employer you will need to positively emphasise the advantages of being an SME to prospective candidates.


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