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True Stories from the HR Headmistress’ Casebook

This month ....... The Perplexed PA (Case Study)

In this episode the HR Headmistress talks about what to do if you have an employee who doesn’t perform during probation - then suddenly mentions a hitherto unknown disability.

Click on the video to find out what happened.

Names have been changed to protect identities.

The HR Headmistress' blog

Creative Recruitment

If you want HR happiness just recruit the right people. Simple when you say it quickly. But if you’ve done any recruitment recently...

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Having Fun is Good for Business

Do you see happy faces at work? If not, perhaps you need to think about having some fun.

Research amongst children shows that recreational...

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Redundancy and Reduced Hours

Employees qualify for statutory redundancy pay if they have two years’ continuous service. Redundancy payment is based on a week’s...

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Bully Beefs

We hear a lot about bullying these days – at school, at work, on the internet.

Although I was a tiny, whey-faced shrimp as a child I was...

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