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Thanks again for all your help on this, I really do appreciate it. We wouldn’t have got this concluded as quickly as we did without you. I’ve personally learnt a lot from it and I think it’s opened some eyes in the company!
Linda Sibley, Barrow, Lane & Ballard


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True Stories from the HR Headmistress’ Casebook

This month ....... Snow (Case Study)

In this episode the HR Headmistress tells you what happened when an employee with a history of persistent absence said she couldn’t get to work because she was snowed in – even though everyone else had turned up with no difficulty.

Click on the video to find out what happened.

Names have been changed to protect identities.

The HR Headmistress' blog

Abandon the Tyranny of the “To-do” List

Helping employees become more productive and more effective is part and parcel of the HR role. One of the common complaints from employers is poor...

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Eugene the Egg Cracks

Studies suggest that the average millennial spends over two hours a day using their phone. They check it approximately 157 times and18% of social...

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Three Conditions to Ensure Training Works

As managers we are judged on the success of our team. It follows that our team members need to have the knowledge and skills to do their jobs...

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Benefitting from Peer Knowledge

Research shows that when people want to learn a skill, turning to colleagues for help is often the first thing they do. That’s a great way...

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