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True Stories from the HR Headmistress’ Casebook

This month ....... Nasty Nat (Case Study)

In this episode the HR Headmistress talks about what to do if you have a thoroughly unpleasant employee with long service, and habit of being difficult when there are no witnesses.

Click on the video to find out what happened.

Names have been changed to protect identities.

The HR Headmistress' blog

Developing Creative Thinking

Some people are born to think creatively but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative if you’re not a natural.

Edward de Bono...

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Dealing with Workplace Grievances

Employees have the right to raise a grievance about concerns they have related to the workplace and you must have a written grievance procedure in...

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Tackle the Cold Bugs

Christmas is just round the corner and it seems that everyone is getting into the festive mood while clutching a fistful of Kleenex and gargling...

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Why Employers Should Tackle Sleep Deprivation

Fatigue compromises safety. It has been identified as a contributory factor to some of the worst disasters in recent times: the Three Mile Island...

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