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What Our Clients Say...

“Kate gave me invaluable advice and really put my mind at rest over a difficult situation with an employee. After a few weeks of worry I met with Kate after a recommendation from a client and within a week the situation was resolved to everyone's satisfaction.”

David Thrower, Producer and Director, Redshift Media Production

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HR - Stories from the Dark Side

Workplace investigation – Dealing with grievance

While we deal with all aspects of HR, we specialise in resolving problems with difficult employees. Welcome to the dark side of HR! This is one of our series of true stories about conduct in relations to others.

Click on the video to find out what happened and how we dealt with it.

Names have been changed to protect identities.

The HR Headmistress' blog

Dynamic Decisions Win the Day (And the Year)

When did you last evaluate your business decision making processes? Companies that make better and faster decisions and execute them before their...

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Attract The Best, Deflect The Rest

We have been recruiting recently. It’s a sobering business. One route is via job-boards, though it’s certainly not the only way. We...

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Is Menopause a Disability?

There are some conditions that tend not to be discussed in the workplace and one of them is menopause. The problem is that it naturally affects...

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Why You Don’t Want Rock Star Recruits in Your Business

You want fabulous work performance so you try to lure rock stars with a glittering career from another company. That’s the theory anyway. In...

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