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Do all of your employees meet all of your reasonable standards nearly all the time?

No? Then you have some work to do.

After they start working with us, our clients find that the answer to the question posed above becomes a resounding "Yes!" That means their bottom line looks better, their productivity increases and their time is freed up.

What makes us really stand out from the crowd is our highly commercial and practical approach to HR problems-solving and solutions.

If you work with us you’ll find:

  • your organisation's employment law training and HR issues are resolved;
  • you comply with UK employment law;
  • we work closely and proactively with you;
  • problems are nipped firmly in the bud;
  • you get robust timely advice and workable solutions;
  • we provide monthly employment updates in plain English;
  • you become more skilful, knowledgeable and confident in HR matters;
  • we deliver practical employment law training.
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  • No-nonsense approach
  • Concise, robust advice
  • Guaranteed work


We continue to be thoroughly impressed by the service that Russell HR provides. The service is always very prompt with clear guidance followed up in writing. When we have had to deal with more complex HR issues, Russell HR always takes as much time as is required to explore all of the options to ensure that we fully understand the situation and the options available to us. The resources available on the portal are of a very high quality and have helped us refine our existing policies easily.

Charley Southon, IT Director, Rascal Systems
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