Workplace investigations

The weakest link in most organisation’s discipline or grievance procedure is the investigation. The fundamental purpose of an investigation is to collect the facts. It’s no more than that. But while a really rigorous investigation is essential to a wellconducted process, many managers simply skate over the surface and either do not collect the relevant data or fail to take a sufficiently robust approach to data collection. An inadequate investigation can cast the final outcome into doubt. This workshop will help delegates understand and apply investigation techniques and increase the depth and quality of your organisation’s investigation process. One day. Covers:

  • role of investigations in the dispute resolution process
  • ACAS Code of Practice
  • carrying out an investigation
  • interviewing witnesses
  • carrying out a disciplinary or grievance hearing

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Kate’s advice is always efficient, sensible and clear. I’ve relied heavily on her over the last year particularly, for a wide range of issues. Her support has been invaluable to our small management team as well. She’s often the voice of reason in an unreasonable world! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her service.

Tauna Shields, Office Manager, Principled Offsite Logistics
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