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Thank you Kate for a clear and comprehensive and very useful coverage of Legal Aspects of Recruitment - I could not believe it, but the hour flew by!

Sheila Thornton, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Community Action MK

The HR Headmistress' blog

Tune Out of the News and Boost Your Productivity

19th July 2017

Busy? Too much to do? Then go on a diet....... Cut out the news for a few days! You might not lose pounds in weight but the chances are that without the distraction of frequent notifications you’ll be far more productive.

Fear of missing...

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Wed 19th Jul 2017 | Tagged as: loading...

Saying “No” Can Be Positive

12th July 2017

Most of us don’t like to be told we can’t do or have something that we think is essential to work. We all tend to think that the more resources we have, the better results we’ll achieve. While this belief is true at times, it...

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Wed 12th Jul 2017 | Tagged as: loading...

Questions to Encourage Feedback from Employees

5th July 2017

Business owners and managers need to get information from their teams. If they don’t they risk living in an “executive bubble”. That said, managers are often mistaken about how easy it is for other more junior staff to speak...

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Wed 5th Jul 2017 | Tagged as: loading...

English as She Should be Writ

28th June 2017

Last week a marketing company posted two short pieces of work on my behalf on our new LinkedIn company page. They were very short; each posting was about seven lines long. Despite this they were both riddled with errors.

The first post had one...

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Wed 28th Jun 2017 | Tagged as: loading...

Bad to Good Ideas

22nd June 2017

Most successful entrepreneurial business owners are rarely short of ideas (just the time to explore them fully). Not all ideas are good – the square stone wheel was never going to catch on, but the round wooden one was a big hit. Bingo!


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Thu 22nd Jun 2017 | Tagged as: loading...

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