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Are You Sourcing Top Talent For Your Business?

Are you sourcing the top talent you need for your business? Or are you just putting up with the least-worst option?

Sport, music and fashion have had talent scouts for years. Most businesses don’t. They wait until they have a vacancy and then look round for someone suitable to fill it. It’s not an effective way to recruit.

The dearth of high quality employees makes finding and developing talent one of the most critical business issues. Increasingly companies are adopting a role specifically to tackle this. Chief Talent Officers (CTOs) are responsible for acquiring, developing and retaining a company's talent.

Getting recruitment right is the first and one of the key messages in Jim Collins’ book “From Good to Great”. Bring in the right people, train, develop, interest, value and reward them – and they’ll stay. You do need to make the effort to find out about people and consult them about what presses their buttons, but it’s worth it to have a happy, productive team with a low staff turnover.

CTOs focus on a sustainable approach to sourcing and holding onto the best people. The focus is on identifying each individual’s strengths, unleashing their potential and getting the best performance from the talent the company has.

Most people feel they need to take on managerial roles to further their career. This doesn’t suit everyone so looking at different ways to promote people that reflect the specific skills of the person assists retention. This approach works particularly well in a smaller company. A CTO can be far more dynamic and can move fast to react to the changing demands of the staff, than in larger organisations.

CTOs make sure that the work-life balance, career opportunities, benefits, the social side of work and the personal development the company has to offer is what employees want. Making sure that the culture of the company is a true reflection of the people who work there CTOs can focus on creating the right work environment where employees feel that this is the right place for them.

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