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Axe Job Descriptions to Retain Top Talent

The upturn in the economy and increase in hiring is creating a worrying trend. DID hiring strategies. Managers writing job descriptions designed for people with Dissociative Identity Disorder or split identities. The worst cases involve multiple personalities, not just two.

And what is really worrying is that these DID skills focused job descriptions are adding fuel to the global skills gap crisis. You might inadvertently be part of the conspiracy – read more here.

You might be interested in helping to stop it spreading by axing job descriptions altogether. Instead, ask the right questions to understand what will motivate someone to do their job really well. 

Create Motivation Descriptions

In my experience, what triggers people to perform at consistently high levels is not their skills. The secret lies in discovering what is motivating them to do what they are doing.

Just this week, a client admitted that he has an aversion to job descriptions. The reason is because everything he loves about his job are the things he isn't being measured against: the spontaneous help he gives others; the personal satisfaction he gets from solving problems no-one else in the company can solve.

Are these skills listed in his job description and rewarded in his annual review? I'm sure you know the answer to that!

Imagine how powerful it would be to harness those motivations in every person in your organisation. Writing motivation descriptions will not only send retention through the roof, it will have a serious impact on the bottom line.

In our free “Hire a Mover, Fire a Shaker” whitepaper, we share the secret to tapping into people's unconscious motivational triggers at work. We share practical ideas to give you confidence that you are hiring a high performer who is motivated to do their job.

Not a split personality who will under-perform because their job description is unrealistic and not focusing on what really drives them.

Katherine Wiid, founder of Recrion, is a Language and Behavioural (LAB) profile expert who helps organisations to ensure that they hire – and retain – the best talent. HR teams and Hiring Managers she works with have been amazed just how easily an individual’s motivations and attitude to work can be understood, simply by knowing what to ask and listen for.

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