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Guest Blog - Jaimie Rossiter

Regular readers of the HR Headmistress’ blog know that we take in work experience students from time to time. This week we have Jaimie Rossiter, a student from The Hazeley Academy, with us. She wants to get some experience of working in an office.

As well as keeping me in regular coffees, she’s been helping get our winter edition of Law on the Move ready, researching and drafting the December newsletter, filing and researching and planning a marketing exercise. Jaimie has also written today’s blog. In line with our Build and Fly Your Own Rocket programme, Jaimie gives us her insights into keeping the boss happy. Over to you, Jaimie.

Today’s blog is all about how you can make your boss happy in an office environment, top tips on how to make a good impression on your work experience and how having a job at a young age can impact you in later life.

First we will start off with how you can make your boss happy in an office environment. There are so many things in an office that you can do wrong that can affect you and/or your boss but I’m going to talk you through what you can do to avoid these problems.

Step 1: Do what you’re asked to do even if you don’t like it (provided it’s lawful of course). The boss is the boss and whatever they say goes. Don’t try and argue it out; if you don’t like it just brush it off your shoulder and get on with it. You’re not getting paid to argue but to work.

Step 2: If you’re stuck with something, ask questions. Don’t sit around for ages trying to work out the answer because if you come to the conclusion that you don’t know what you’re meant to do you can get yourself in more trouble for not completing the work then you will if you ask a question regarding it.

Step 3: If you get given work that you would class as easy don’t rush it because you think you can complete it, quickly. Do it to your best ability because if you do your work half-heartedly then your boss may think you don’t care about the work and that you’re simply just rushing for the sake of getting it done.

Top tips on how to make a good impression on your work experience.

  • Ask if your colleagues want a tea or coffee. Never let them get to the point of having to ask you.*
  • If you are given a time slot to complete the work and you don’t think you can complete it in that time ask for a little extension because at least that way they know how long it will take you to complete tasks.
  • Make sure to ask questions with regards to the work to check you understand correctly (and as above) if you are stuck. Don’t just sit around trying to find the answer.
  • Make sure to follow all requirements made by your boss e.g. dress code, attitude to work, being polite to customers etc.
  • Make good use of your time there. You never know. If you do well, you might be invited back and it might open job opportunity doors for you.
  • Seems slightly cynical! We all make coffee here! But it certainly doesn’t hurt*

Good tips for work experience students from Jaimie (@jaimierossiter)

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