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How Deep a Rut Are You In?

Many people cling tenaciously to their velvet lined ruts. Familiarity is reassuring (if boring at times). Perhaps we should muster the energy and enthusiasm to break that comfortable habit consciously and a bit more often. This week’s guest blogger Clare Wildman tells us how.

It’s so easy to get yourself stuck in a rut and then not know quite how to get out again. All it takes is following the same steps day in, day out. Doing the same thing each day. It might even appear that you’re setting good habits in place at first but then you realise that you are feeling stuck. This can be particularly true in the workplace where routine is often a necessity.

Don’t fret though it is possible to get unstuck and it’s really rather simple, try doing something new, anything. If you find that you can’t, then yes you’re stuck!

Well that sounds easy doesn’t it but what can you try?

  • Taking a different route to work
  • How about trying something different for breakfast or lunch? (You wouldn’t believe how many people mindlessly sleep walk through breakfast every day!)
  • Re-arranging your work area
  • Wear a new style of clothes (work permitting)
  • Learn something new
  • Take on a new task
  • Talk to people in a different department
  • Give something up!

Are you feeling resistance to any or all of these ideas? Then you may well be stuck.

I’ve recently decided to change the way that I work and have found somewhere that I can stand to do some of my work. The health benefits should be good and I’m certainly doing something different. It would have been easy to think that I have to sit at my desk to work but actually standing is possible for Skype calls and may work for some of my computer based jobs. Now I’m thinking of other options.

So why not pick one of the areas of potential change above and spend a few minutes getting creative?

If you couldn’t carry on doing what you have been, what’s tried and tested, then what could you do instead?

  • What might someone else do?
  • What might you have done in the past?
  • What would be just a little edgy for you?
  • What would be downright scary?
  • What could be fun?
  • Who could help?
  • What would your colleagues or clients like to change? Maybe they are in a rut as well.

Who knows by the end of your list you may just have found a way out..... and if you haven’t..... maybe the list just wasn’t long or creative enough.

It’s time to think creatively!

Clare Wildman – Your Key to Change Life Coach
Twitter: @ClareWildman

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