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Whether it’s at work or at home, having inspirational people in your life gives you a huge lift and helps to keep you focussed. Life coach Clare Wildman talks about the need to get inspired.

Truly inspirational people are a real gift in your life but who are they and where do you find them? I recently asked a room of teenagers who inspired them and was delighted when the first answer was “my mum”. Others included celebrities, famous people in business and sports as you would expect. This first answer challenges us to think more deeply about what is inspirational to us and to remember that it is going to be different for each of us.

Of course when thinking about what causes you to feel inspired it may not be a person. It could be a place, a business, a concept, an action. It’s worth knowing what works for you. Why? So that when you are feeling in a low place, demotivated, depressed even, then you can give yourself an instant pick up by hunting out your own source of inspiration.

Inspiration creates energy, so why not create yourself a reminder? A picture on the wall, a photo, a page in your notebook, picture on your phone…..keep it handy and easy to use.

Clare’s inspirational view

Seek it out more often. Go out and meet people and look for the inspiration inside them. Most of us have at least one story that others will find motivating. Remember to share your stories where you have inspired others. It’s not about bragging, it’s about helping.

When you are feeling inspired realise what is possible to you, how you feel and what you can achieve. Make it your mission to live from this place and to provide inspiration to others. Make the most of this feeling: create, help, lead and live life to the full.

Clare doesn't believe that telling people what to do is always the right way, there is a time and a place for it for sure. To help people long term though….the best help is for them to find their own answers, develop their own skills and confidence and watch them come alive.

Clare Wildman – Your Key to Change
Life Coach

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