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My Week at Russell HR Consulting

At Russell HR Consulting we provide work experience for young people. Recently Chloe, a student from a local school, spent a week with us to get some exposure to an admin environment. She was a lovely guest and worked hard at everything she was given to do. Here she gives her impressions.

The colleagues here are friendly, relaxed and also very supporting. They will do their best to help you with whatever you are stuck at or any problems you have. They always made sure I had something to do and when the task was set, they went through with me on what I could improve and teaching me optimism.

On my first day I started to research and find out about the business (Kirsty suggested I read their blogs, looked at their website etc.),and in the afternoon, one of the colleagues (another Chloe!) and I started to check some client documentation; we had to check if the client had signed the company’s terms of business and sort out and remove old files for archiving. At first I had no idea how to file or what goes where and how to use Workbooks (the CRM system) or why businesses need terms of business but thanks to Chloe, I learnt quickly and understood what I was doing. Then before the day ended, I researched on RHR’s social media pages to see what they are saying and what is being said. I did a lot of writing that Monday but I did learn a lot which gave me a better understanding of what to do the next day.

Tuesday flew by like a hawk and I continued to research about email security. Then I attended a webinar (a live online presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments.) I had no idea what a webinar was at all until then and I was completely lost initially, but Lauren told me how it worked and showed me what to do, then I understood it a lot better.

The next day, I focused on social media. Writing tweets for the business, editing images relevant towards it and I learnt how to use Hootsuite (a social media management system). I found it very easy to use and also fun!

On Wednesday I also started to write out a presentation of what I’ve learnt and my week at Russell HR. After doing a little bit of that, I moved onto writing out something for the company’s ‘free resources’ ready for Kate to edit.

The morning after, I was continuing ‘free resources’. Then I helped out Kate by formatting a piece of work about ‘Violence at Work’. I also started to out dome notes down about office hygiene and housekeeping for a health and safety manual. Then I began to read the questions and the job description for an interview I was attending with one of the team. Thursday was a busy day!

Friday finally came along; the week had gone so fast. I attended a disciplinary training session that Kate was giving to one of her clients. Then, after I wrote out my presentation, designed it and practised over; I was ready to present it to the group!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone in Russell HR Consulting for having me that week! I fully enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

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