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Top Tips for Tough Days

We all have days that don’t go quite as we’d like so it’s useful to have some tips ready to help turn the day around. Coach Clare Wildman gives some tips.

  1. Visualisation – If the day has started badly take a few minutes somewhere quiet where you can close your eyes for a moment. Picture the rest of the day as you would like it to unfold. See yourself moving through the day with ease, carrying out tasks with a smile and easily managing any hitches.
  2. Physiology – Simply changing our posture can change the way that we feel. If you feel down in the dumps get up and move. Failing that sit up straight and hold your head up high. Our modern working lifestyle often leads to us looking down at screens or at papers on our desk which can affect how we feel.
  3. Using your breath - Watch someone who is having a bad day to see how they are breathing….are they breathing? Often when feeling uptight we forget to breathe or take short shallow breaths. This is something I’m very aware of with clients – when they get stressed they don’t take in enough oxygen and in turn this makes them feel even more uptight. Simply taking a minute out to take a few deep breaths can make a HUGE difference to how you feel.
  4. Language – The language that we use can affect how we feel. If you keep saying how hard it is at work, how difficult it is to get things done …that is exactly how it will feel to you. Simply try not to use negative terms on a regular basis. Do you tell yourself you’ll never be able to finish a project on time, that you are disorganised or always late? Say it often enough you believe it and it becomes true.
  5. Thoughts – Our feelings are a check system to tell us whether or not our thoughts are on track. If you start feeling low during the day take a moment and review what you have been thinking about. In some jobs you can’t escape sad thoughts but you could take a ‘happy thoughts break’ when it all gets too much.
  6. Reticular activator – program it! - You know that time you saw the really nice car, you’d never seen one before and then….you saw it everywhere you went! That was your reticular activator (part of your subconscious) at work. When you tell it something has a level of importance or interest to you it will flag it up to you. So if you are having a tough day program it to look for the things that are going well, the proof that you are good at your job. All you have to do is start it off by noticing the good things and being open to seeing more.

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