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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is an approach to amplify performance, particularly in regard to how we connect and communicate with ourselves and others. 1:1 NLP trainer and Business Coach, Michael Beale gives his personal view of what NLP is, how it has developed over the past 40 years, the benefits, and what to watch out for if you would like to explore the topic further.

NLP was originally developed in the 1970s when co-founders Richard Bandler and John Grinder noticed that some therapists achieved significantly better results than others in helping their clients achieve the results the clients wanted. While they both kept up to date with the latest scientific research they developed NLP as a modelling rather than the scientific discipline. They were interested in ‘how’ things worked rather than the theory of ‘why’ they worked. They identified patterns, tested, and refined patterns and approaches with new clients until they found what worked with those individual clients.

Both traditionally scientific approaches and modelling approaches have merit. Which works best depends on context. The patterns identified are based on a number of building blocks which include frames, emotional and physical states, rapport, questions, strategies, mental rehearsal, values, beliefs, profiles, perspectives of time, hypnosis, storytelling and modelling. We all use these patterns naturally; NLP gives us a vocabulary and approach to develop them and become more effective at using them.

Since 1970 NLP approaches have been used across almost all fields of human endeavour from personal development to sport and business. In 2014 my clients use NLP approaches to help them improve their leadership and influencing skills, improve how they connect with themselves and others and to develop the resilience needed to survive and thrive in today's business environment.

NLP works best when people are ambitious for their and others success, open, disciplined and prepared to test new approaches to find out what works for them in the environment they work in. If you fit that profile and take the time to find a trainer or coach that you would enjoy working with you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you’ll benefit from the experience.

Michael is a certified Richard Bandler NLP trainer and coach trainer and a John Grinder accredited coach and new code practitioner. He is also a Marshall Goldsmith certified Stakeholder Leadership and Team Coach.



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