Employment Tribunal Statistics – Some Interesting Reading

Recently published statistics from 2008-2009 suggest some interesting trends over the past year. Key findings include:

  1. 20% increase in the number of claims accepted - but if multiple airline (cabin crew) claims are excluded, there is in fact a 4% decrease
  2. unfair dismissal, redundancy pay and breach of contract claims rose in number. Working time claims, equal pay and sex discrimination fell.
  3. maximum award (in a race case) - £1,353,432
  4. 21 age discrimination claims disposed of (average award £8k)
  5. costs awarded in 367 (0.2%) cases (average costs award £2,470)
  6. for the first time, the EAT rejected over 50% of all appeals at the sift stage

To see the full report please click here.

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