Robots For Staff - Are Tesco Heading This Way?

With all the challenging developments in employment law (that’s an understatement!) many employers have joked about wanting to take on robots.

It looks as though some sectors are poised for the coming of the robot, even as I type. This week Tesco announced the opening of their first entirely self-service shop (in Northampton, quite near us).

There will be five self-scan tills attended by a single member of staff. Tesco describe the store as an ‘assisted service store’ designed to increase efficiency and speed up the shopping process.

Tesco is the world’s biggest food retailer and has 4,300 stores worldwide. For the past 10 years it has created a new job approximately every 20 minutes. This further step towards complete self service clearly has enormous implications going forward.

Self service may be quicker in some cases, but do we really want to exchange technological advancement for interaction with real humans?

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