Tantric HR - The Yes...YES...YES Moment!

Tantric HR is the “Yes...YES...YES!” moment that has you hopping up and down with excitement because you’ve just scored a particularly great deal for a client. We love it when we do that and break out the cake to celebrate.

We had a great tantric HR moment recently when we negotiated a settlement of just over £50k for one of our clients who had been systematically bullied at work.

Although she raised a grievance clearly setting out her concerns, her employer failed to address the matter in a timely or sensible way. Fed up with the fannying around, she came to us and we were able to move matters on to a fairly rapid conclusion.

The moral of the story is, not that all employees are grasping little beasts and Out To Get You (they are not). It is that you should listen carefully to employee issues, investigate and deal with them in a timely fashion - or it may cost you dearly.

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