Dogs for the Disabled get Some Pup-licity!

Despite our reputation for commercial toughness and robust handling of HR, we do have a bit of a soft side.

Several years ago we started working with Dogs for the Disabled and have become firm fans of their work. Not only do the dogs give disabled children and adults more independence, something I hadn’t realised when I first got involved was that a dog can help break the ice conversationally. Able bodied people often don’t know the best way to approach a disabled person, but the presence of a dog gives that immediate social bond and can help break the isolation that some disabled people feel.

We like to provide some practical support, so this year we were pleased to be able to increase our donation. On the day we trotted along to make the donation, we were invited to go to puppy class. As you might imagine, eight puppies in various stages of Andrex cuteness was a delightful sight, but the noise of so many excited, chatty little pups all training together was indescribable.

We had an absolute riot with the puppies and after some persuasion, they proved that they could pout at the camera as well as Kate Moss! For more information about the excellent work done by the charity, visit them at

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