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Employment Law Update – Bank Holidays And Part Time Workers

Today is the 11th November. All over the world, people will be honouring the men and women whom lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars. Many will also be have the war in the Gulf in mind and thinking about the soldiers currently serving the country there.

I am working in France for a few days and discovered that not only is there a public holiday for All Souls Day (2nd November),there is also a public holiday in remembrance of the dead today. The French, like Terry Wogan, are famed for the number of holidays they take.

Questions about public holidays are a very regular occurrence in our office, so I thought today I would write a few words about public holidays and part time workers. Statutory holiday for a full time worker is 28 days a year (pro rated for part time workers). Eight days can be accounted for by way of bank holiday if that suits your business requirements (nine this year and next year because of the Royal Wedding and Queen’s Jubilee).

If the person in question doesn’t work on a bank holiday, then he or she will take any holiday due on another day. The amount will still be the same overall. Worked example: Jo works 2.5 days a week, Monday- Wednesday. Effie works 2.5 days a week, Wednesday-Friday.

Both will have 14 days holiday a year, because they work 50% of the number of days worked by full time employees. Several of Jo’s holidays will already be allocated because the business closes on bank holidays and more of the public holidays fall on a Monday. She will be able to take the remainder, by agreement with you in the usual way.

By contrast, far fewer of Effie’s normal working days are allocated by bank holiday dates. Where they are, she will take holiday on those days. The remainder she will take by agreement with you at other times. Get in touch if you have any queries about holidays or other HR queries. We’re here to help.

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