Getting Better (Attendance)

This story about managing attendance was sent to us by one of our business contacts. It tickled us, so we thought it worth a mention. “

My in-laws run a limited company which is largely funded through public grants, and due to the nature of its activities has a high proportion of former public sector workers.

One of the managers has had a habit of taking sick leave on days adjacent to his holidays - to the extent where it became a predictable thing. When he commented on this, I recommended your book [Off the Sick List! How to turn employee absence into attendance] to my father in law, which he duly bought.

Being a busy individual, he didn't actually read it, but left it in a prominent position on his desk in the office, clearly in view of the manger in question. He made no overt reference to the book's presence, didn't comment on the absences other than to ask how the manager was, and so on. So far, no further absences have been noted.

Clearly, only time will tell, but I thought you'd enjoy hearing how there is more than one way to use the book as a tool against excessive sickness absences. Who knows what heights will be scaled when Tom actually gets round to reading it!”

It’s nice to know the book’s effective, even if it’s not always in the way originally envisaged.

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