Ginger Consultation Takes the Biscuit

Breaking news that the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform was launching a consultation on discrimination against ginger haired people sent employment lawyers scurrying for information last week.

Law firm Wake Smith & Tofields sent out the law bulletin saying the Government was consulting on “gingerism” as an extension of equality laws. Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock was cited as a spokesman for a pressure group on the issue and lobbyists were said to be pushing for the name of ginger nut biscuits to be changed.

Sheepish looks were exchanged in the employment law community (though not it has to be said at Russell HR Consulting where we can spot a joke) as the bulletin was discovered to be an April Fool. However, who knows...... even the mooting of the idea, potty though it is, may lead the current Government to introduce the concept of gingerism to its Equality Bill. Making life almost impossible for small businesses has never seemed to bother them over-much............

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