Good Morning Vietnam!

Welcome to the first blog entry from Russell HR Consulting’s Practice Manager, Natasha. Tash has just returned from a trip to Vietnam and Hong Kong, sporting a fab suntan (and a lot of white tops) and a store of traveler’s tales.

Over to Tash............

We traveled to Vietnam in early April not really knowing what to expect and worrying excessively about the weather forecast. We were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the service, the ease of getting around in Vietnam, the gorgeous hot weather and staggered by the sheer number of motorbikes buzzing around the roads.Starting in Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon, out trip took in the sights and sounds, then we flew to Da Nang and travelled by road to Hoi An (a world heritage site) in Central Vietnam. Hoi An really is a living museum. People invite you into their homes, which double as shops, museums and/ or restaurants.

It appeared to be quite common to be joined for dinner by the owners’ family – something which took a little getting used to. The strength of the Euro was forgotten as we very quickly found that the prices charged were often as low as £1 for a main meal.Each month Hoi An hosts a lunar festival and we were lucky enough to witness it. Local people celebrated by placing thousands of coloured paper lanterns in the river – a really magical sight and a great opportunity for the local children to test their selling abilities on unsuspecting tourists. And yes, we did buy one!

The last leg of our journey was to Hong Kong, another world – superb skyscrapers, fantastic views from the Peak and cable car and probably the cleanest city I have ever visited.Having now returned, the tan is fading fast and it’s back to the drawing board and employment law training. We’re running some excellent offers this month, so please feel free to call me on 0845 644 8955 to take advantage of our May specials.

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