Jummy Fakorede - Work Experience Student Blog

During the course of the Summer, we have given the opportunity of work experience to students from the University of Northampton and here is our latest student blog...

My name is Jummy Fakorede, a final year student from the University of Northampton studying Human Resource Management.In life, you take a decision sometimes which might turn out for the positive or the negative.

I must say one of the best decisions I took this summer holiday is doing my work experience with Russell HR Consulting. I will like to say thank you all for your warm and friendly support.However, what I learnt in few weeks while working with the company seems like I’ve been with them for a year. In fact, on my first day, I was fortunate enough to attend a managerial meeting where there was an appeal against dismissal. I learnt that there are 6 fair reasons for dismissal. I also learnt how to complete a Matrix table when selecting employees for redundancy.

Moreover, the company also show me some administration work ranging from how to do invoices, filing, typing of letters and searching for employment law updates on the internet. I also learnt how to do the company’s newsletter and how they send them to clients. I’ve learnt more than I expected. I also attended a meeting in which the statement of terms and conditions of employment were explained. Following that, we had a visit to a company where we had to help in giving out their contracts of employment to their employees.

During my work experience, I also attended another meeting which was a welfare meeting to discuss attendance where some employees were addressed on their absences and the outcome if they continue. I really found it educating and interesting! I also had the opportunity to attend a meeting on “TUPE “which is the main piece of legislation governing the transfer of an undertaking. Not only that, until I attended a grievance meeting where I was asked to take notes and then type up the letter after the meeting which will be sent back to the company. I feel like I’m part of the organisation already and I believe I couldn’t ask for more!

Finally, I would like to encourage fellow students in how good it is to do work experience and I must say it has helped and developed me a lot. I have learnt so much within a short time. Doing my work experience, had made me realise that we don’t only need the theory but the practical aspect of our course. Once again, thank you all and I’m looking forward to be part of the company in the future.

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