Law On The Move - Meet The Team

Many of you subscribe to our quarterly employment law update, Law On The Move, and we greatly appreciate all the positive feedback we get from you about it.

We thought you might like to know how we produce this product and to meet the team behind it.

Putting the material together Firstly we have to do the research. This is done by several members of our team, including Kate and our newest member, HR Generalist Christine Goode. Once all the research has been compiled from IDS employment law briefs and legal research sites and any topical cases or new legislation that has come into place, Kate takes the notes and uses them to write a script.

Recording the CD The next stage is the recording which Kate does in the studios of The Sound Factory in Woburn Sands, by our friendly sound technician, Steve Hoy.

Putting it all together Meanwhile, Helen at Russell HR Headquarters takes the script and process it into the Law on the Move factsheet which gets sent out with every copy. Helen also co-ordinates getting the artwork for the CD from our designer Caroline and sending this to Bernard at Infinitely, where the CDs are produced.

What happens next? Once the recording has been finished and approved, Steve sends the sound clips to us and to Bernard to produce the CDs.

We then collect them when they are ready a few days later. CDs and MP3 files are then ready to send out to all our subscribers.

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