Mediation For Cats

While the HR Headmistress rather relishes a bit of a skirmish, at Russell HR Consulting, we do try to minimise the tears-before-bedtime scenario. And so it came about that we decided to introduce a new service to our HR portfolio.

Workplace mediation is based on the principles of encouraging constructive communication in a safe and confidential environment and identifying mutual solutions and agreements which will restore appropriate and happier working relationships.

It is becoming a well established dispute resolution method for the resolution of employee conflicts. There are several good reasons to use mediation - the huge increase in the number of employee complaints (employment tribunal cases reached record levels last year),high levels of compensation, the continuing introduction of new employment legislation and, for many, the realisation that formal procedures and investigations can in some circumstances be so adversarial and stressful to all concerned that any possibility of people working together again is minimal.

Workplace mediation is a structured process in which an impartial mediator enables disputing parties to communicate so that they can clarify the underlying issues and come up with agreements on how to improve the working relationship in the future. And if the mediation is not successful or if the complaint is more serious, then people can always invoke formal or legal procedures. I came across this clip on a mediator’s website. I have seen it before, but it’s so funny that it bears repetition. Hope you enjoy it. Mediation for cats (Simon's cat) Call us if you’d like some information about our mediation services (we have no cats on our team).

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