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Plant Manslaughter

RHR Managing Director Kate Russell loves her plants and firmly believes that the team benefits from a bit of greenery in the office. The only problem is keeping the perishing things alive.

The workplace is more calming and a nicer place to be when plants are present. They are more interesting, colourful and relaxing. Clare Stables is full of plants, inside and out and I love them.

They don’t look like murdering types, but unfortunately if left to themselves my team go in for horticultural manslaughter on an unprecedented scale. They don’t mean to kill the plant life but unless guided they forget about the plants for weeks, then over-water. Oh lord. Plant crime number one. And you thought HR was about nurturing. Needless to say I go in for strapping hardy plants with a will to overcome the casual neglect of the RHR mob.

Why do I struggle on? Because plants are not only beautiful, they’re great for the team’s health.

Here comes the science…

    • Physiological effects such as lowered blood pressure are proven benefits of a greener office.
    • Employees look and feel better because plants can reduce dry skin by 20%.
    • Cognitive tasks, concentration and focus are all improved, fewer mistakes are made, tasks are completed faster and, in the case of computer workers, productivity increased by between 10%-15%.
    • Introducing plants to an office environment can reduce absenteeism by up to 50%, and reduce minor illness by 30%.
    • Plants improve air quality, reduce dust levels and the impact of certain synthetic chemicals found in furnishings.
    • They increase creativity and productivity by 15%. One theory suggests that the presence of plants stimulates our ancient instincts that there is food nearby (berries, fruit etc.) and so we relax, become calmer, are happier and more creative.

Our brand of HR has a similar soothing effect on the furrowed brows of business owners.

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