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Russell’s Newest Crew Member

If you’re one of the many followers of The HR Headmistress’ Blog, you may have noticed a rather funny name signing off some of the posts since the beginning of December.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Kate’s alter-ego has suddenly emerged in the form of a 24-year-old, budding journalist who writes under the adopted pseudonym of ‘Darry Khajehpour’.

I apologise for the anti-climax, but I’m afraid the truth is a little less theatrical(!) I’ve recently joined the team here at Russell HR Consulting and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far. It has been a welcome challenge since day one and I am currently climbing a rather steep learning curve with boots and pickaxe at the ready!

You may be wondering why a chap who wants to enter into the world of journalism has accepted a post at an HR law firm...

Well, let me enlighten you by running through a few of the tasks and assignments I have been involved in so far: On day one, I was asked to attend a meeting as Kate’s note-taker up in Sheffield; it gave me a chance to brush up on my note-taking skills, listen to some interesting aspects of employment law and, to top it off, add another name to the list of places I have now visited.

I have been working closely with a colleague of mine on the promotion and marketing of Kate’s two publications, 101 Tips for Employers and the highly successful Off The Sick List!

This in itself is proving invaluable as, having worked as an editorial assistant and journalist in the past, I now can add to that a developing knowledge of literary marketing and promotion (stay tuned for information on future publications).

On top of all this, I have been given the opportunity to research and write a number of posts for The HR Headmistress’ Blog – hence my name cropping up from time-to-time. By: Darry Khajehpour So that’s me in a nutshell.

Thank you from the team to all those followers of the HR Headmistress (and welcome to any new readers). To find out more about our publications or for any other information regarding Employment Law call us.

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